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Origin (They Came…)

From the stars they came rushing to Earth in a state of emergency.  The concepts of Love and Compassion were becoming forgotten things by the inhabitants of the planet and quickly being replaced by greed and apathy.  There was war!  There was division!  These three beings came down from the heavens with a mission:  to reverse the state of the planet by using a technology which is one of the most ancient in human civilization: the manipulation of sound waves in the form of MUSIC.

And so it was that these three…METEORS, we shall call them.  They came without a visible identity and that was with a purpose:  So that they would not distract from the effectiveness of the sounds they created for the sake of saving Earth.  These three souls from beyond time and space  give all of their energy…all of their BEING for the sake of The People.

Adopting Earthly monikers – Titan, Libra, & Scorpius – they have already begun their ambitious plan.  But wait!  There seems to be a small but powerful pocket of resistance!  There is an organization who profits from the misery of others.  It is an organization that thrives on the separation of human spirit and kinship.  They will not go away peacefully.  They wish to impede the process of [Meteor] and continue the trend of chaos and distortion.  Will they succeed?  Will [Meteor] overcome this massive obstacle?  Will you join the forces of the Light or will you stand by and watch the darkness prevail?  Choose wisely…

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